Peter Ryan - Project Lead/Levels
Surrogate Interactive Founder and Project Lead, Brutal is Peter's brainchild and magnum opus. Responsible for everything from imagining the many different fighters in the game and their battlegrounds, to conceptualizing the control scheme, outlining backstory, visualizing attacks and special abilities and coordinating the entire team into one well greased machine Peter is the Heart and Brains (not to mention willpower) of Surrogate Interactive.

Jeff Chau - Writing
Jeff was forced into becomming Brutal's writer when Peter discovered he was working his way through a Communications degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. A huge fan of fighting games, Jeff took to the project naturally and has been creating an incredibly interesting and deep story for Brutal beyond anyone's expectations. He has still yet to finish his Communications degree as its quite difficult to go to school while chained to a desk in your house.

Allen Li - Programming
Allen had several years of programming experience in his native country of China before making the move to Canada where he graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007 with a degree in Visual and Game Programming. Allen also worked for Piranha Studios porting various EA Games titles to the PSP before joining the Surrogate team.

Dave King - Character Models
Dave is a professional digital artist with over a decade of experience producing top quality concept design and models for games, game cinematics, TVC and film. He has worked on countless AAA titles such as Dragon Age, Unreal Tournament 2k4, Civ 4, Fury, DND Online and many others.

Jeremy Love - Environment Art
Jeremy has worked as a freelance artist for several years on various AAA titles such as Hellboy: Science of evil, Viva Pinata, and a handful of Starwars titles including The Force Unleashed. Jeremy is currently working on conceptualizing the main battleground "Eye of the Tornado" for Brutal's playable alpha.

Galan Pang - Environment Art
Galan was contracted to conceptualize 8 beauty shots of the battlegrounds to be showcased in Brutal's Design Document. Galan has more than 8 years of experience in CG industry, with an extensive background as a special effect supervisor, conceptual artist and matte painter.

Matt Lafferts - Animations
Matt graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 where his impressive reel lead him to work on several projects with various studios such as the Deadwood Mod Team, Games That Work, Blur Games and Flagship Studios. Matt single handedly created all of the animations seen in the Brutal Video Concept.

Chris French - Character Art
Chris graduated with honors from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007 only to decide to take another year of schooling at the Think Tank Training Center where he graduated in 2008 at the top of his class. Chris is the man who translated virtually all of Peter's demented ramblings about Brutal's Fighters into dozens of tangible and beautiful concepts.

Victor Krengel - Levels
Victor was one of the first artists brave (or perhaps crazy) enough to join Peter in his attempt to create the best multiplayer fighting game the PC has ever seen! Together they worked on Chon Yuen's Dragon temple battleground before Victor got scooped up by Bizarre Creations in 2008.

James Lea - Levels
James is one of the most incredible amateur Source Engine mappers in the Half-Life community and was the 2nd Place winner of the Brutal Mapping Contest in 2008. He also contributed greatly to the battleground showcased in the Video Concept.

Alistair Primrose - Music
Al is a musical genious who happens to be friends with Victor and was coerced into working on some of the Music for Brutal. He has composed some incredible and emotionally charged tracks including the one playing on this website (Brutal's main theme).

Dimitri Golovko - Music
Dimi joined the Surrogate Team in 2007 composing some of the heavier tracks in the game as you can hear in the Video Concept. Dimi has worked on several short films as well as a few game projects and has a very unique musical style and some incredible natural talent.

Bonnie Lambie - Sound
While attending the Sound Design for Visual Media course at the Vancouver Film School in 2007, Bonnie contacted Peter about working on the Sound Effects for Brutal's Video Concept. As you can see (hear) she did an amazing job.